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    Yancheng Jinggong Valve Co.,Ltd.
    Add:No.166 North Tongyu Road Funing County Jiangsu China
    Tel:0086-515-87237812(Chairman of the board)
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    Explore the market carefully crafted to create high-quality goods, advancing with The Times. Yancheng jinggong valve co., LTD., to provide you with comprehensive industrial valves integration solutions.

    Yancheng city seiko valve co., LTD., founded in 1969, is a collection of production and processing, technical services, scientific research and development as one of the valve enterprise.

    Company is located in yancheng city in jiangsu province country tongyu road, covers an area of 86000 square meters, registered capital of 102 million yuan. With 328 employees, including all kinds of professional and technical personnel 102. In a stone, chairman of the board of directors under the leadership of the company after the hone, through constant efforts and innovation, annual production of 12000 tons, 2 ~ 300 million yuan output value of annual production capacity. Our valve industry qualification documents from soup to nuts, in 1996 passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, have obtained the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, ISO 145001 occupational health and micro leakage of ISO 15848-1 certification, national special equipment manufacturing license (pressure piping components) TS certification, the national special equipment manufacturing license (desuperheating decompression device) TS certification, American petroleum institute API certification, eu CE certification, as CANS lab certification, green certification, measurement management system certification (ISO 10012), after-sales service (five-star) certificate, MCC manufacturer certificate of competency assessment, at the same time is qualified to confirm unit.

    Company has won the sinopec qualified valve supplier, petrochina, tang electricity suppliers, shenhua group level supplier to the qualified suppliers, quality of jiangsu province integrity "✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬" grade enterprise honorary title, such as corporate credit rating "AAA". Our company is mainly engaged in production: high pressure gate valves, globe valves, forged steel valves, check valves, ball valve, drain valve, butterfly valve, desuperheating decompression device, instrument and all kinds of pipeline filter, flame arrester, sight glasses, special valves, oilfield drilling accessories, such as thousands of kinds of specifications products. At the same time to undertake such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power industries of online pipeline valve repair business.

    Company product sales market covers a variety of industries, including petrochina, cnooc, sinopec, China shenhua, China huaneng, China huadian, datang group, constant escape petrochemical, constant shares god, luxi chemical industry, power station, natural gas, nuclear industry, aerospace, military, scientific research institutes, etc. At the same time, our company has the self-management import and export rights, products, export products accounted for 15%. Products are exported to the United States, Russia, Spain, Germany, Estonia, Czech republic, Sweden, Finland, Spain, and Bangladesh, and many other foreign markets.

    Yancheng city seiko valve valve has accumulated rich experience in research and development production, with a number of research institutes maintained good relations of cooperation. After the test of the storm of the countless and environment, it is always keep in mind, adhere to the credibility of, the principle of quality for this, set a good corporate image.

    Contact Us
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    Tel:0086-515-87237812(Chairman of the board)    Fax:0086-515-87237078