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    Yancheng Jinggong Valve Co.,Ltd.
    Add:No.166 North Tongyu Road Funing County Jiangsu China
    Tel:0086-515-87237812(Chairman of the board)
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    The sun and the moon reincarnate, the heaven and man unite, flick one finger and one wave. Yancheng Jinggong Valve Co., Ltd. has been established for nearly 50 years from the beginning to the reform. Our company has always been so professional because of focus and so successful because of integrity as the spirit of enterprise.Our company takes “honest,pragmatic,innovative and progressive” as the firm belief to forge ahead and continuous innovation and fulfill the promise of "spur with long accumulation to make great with ordinary things and persevere and make perfection with Jinggong".

    With this concept, Yancheng Jinggong strives to achieve more development goals from the new starting point, continuously expands the business scope, guides the overall development trend of the enterprise with the scientific development concept, and improves the economic benefits of the company in an all-round way. We will strive to build an efficient and effective enterprise, promote management mechanism innovation, promote the adjustment of the company's business structure, implement the strategy of invigorating enterprises through science and technology, and improve their core competitiveness, actively gather talents, optimize management to improve the quality of economic operation as the company's economic work center, drive the company's comprehensive development, and work together with colleagues in the industry to create a new and broader future.

    Contact Us
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    Tel:0086-515-87237812(Chairman of the board)    Fax:0086-515-87237078